andrew mcattee

Andrew McAttee’s work draws influence from a wide variety of sources including graffiti art, comic book graphics, pop art and abstract expressionism. His latest work is described as a ‘type of dreamlike comic pop’ and borders on a sensory assault, with all manner of shapes, colours and textures bombarding the retina. The end result is an overriding sense of movement and vitality, like some psychedelic bubblegum universe, teeming with clusters of synthetic species bursting into life. McAttee’s work is becoming highly collectable with commissions from Benson & Hedges, Nike and fashion designer, Antonio Berardi amongst others. As a renowned graffiti spray artist (STET) and his subsequent post-degree escape from the confines of street art, McAttee’s work has been featured in The Observer, The Independent Review, Hip Hop Connection, Graphotisms and New York Magazine. McAttee studied Fine Art at Central St Martin’s, London