chris von steiner


Born in France in 1965, digital artist, art director, graphic designer and writer Chris von Steiner (aka Christophe Austruy) currently lives in Brussels. After several years of working for advertising in Paris, he has published two novels in France: "Un panda dans l'escalier" (H&O Editions/2001), "Je veux te voir nu” (H&O Editions/2002) and one in the USA : "Switch", in "Userlands" (Akashic Books/2007), a collection assembled by Dennis Cooper for his "Little House on the Bowery" series. His digital art is a lurid manifestation of his twisted imagination, where pop icons of childhood, music, movies or television fuse haphazardly with his fantasies, dreams and desires, ultimately creating a both dark and humorous, sexy and scary kaleidoscopic world that is at once familiar and menacingly foreign.



the pride and the pain