Brian Adam Douglas is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist whose practices include monumental woodcuts, stencils, large scale drawings and collage. Douglas executes street art under the name "Elbow-Toe". His improvisational roots developed working in the streets have carried over into his gallery work. 

His work is often grounded in myth, symbolism and poetry and his distinctive style has gained him an avid following of enthusiasts both within street art and the wider art world. Douglas is one of a group of classically trained New York based artists who have chosen the street as the primary place to exhibit their work, finding the immediacy of doing so more liberating than the confines of the traditional gallery system. Douglas’s chief theme is portraiture and more recently has created a series of collages portraits. These intricate collages at first glance might be mistaken for paintings given that they have a fluidity rarely seen in collages.


perched on the astral projection



some assembly required



poppy medusa