José Parla


José Parlá (1973), is a Brooklyn-based artist who is known for his paintings, architectural collaborations, sculpture and photography. His work has received critical acclaim and lies between the boundary of abstraction and calligraphy.

While Parlá works at various scales and with different mediums, he is publicly known for his permanent installations of large-scale paintings. These paintings are found within numerous notable North American institutions from The One World Trade Center in NYC to the Hunt’s Library by Snohetta in Raleigh’s North Carolina State University.

Within Parlá’s work; either large or small, through sculpture or painting, there are layers of hidden stories. Evoking the pace of a frenetic metropolis, he constructs his paintings improvisationally by layering materials- "I’m really interested in the way our lives are built up out of memory and history, and how we reflect that in our surroundings. He has exhibited extensively, including a solo show at the Atlanta-based High Museum of Art in 2014 and at Mary Boone Gallery in New York in 2015. 



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