Born in 1982, Tom French grew up in Newcastle and went on to graduate from Sheffield Institute of Art & Design, achieving a first class BA Honours in 2005. With solo exhibitions both in the UK and the US, collaborations have included the stunning cover artwork for a release of the soundtrack to cult movie Donnie Darko.

With his predominantly figurative work Tom French is a highly regarded and much collected British artist. Seamlessly merging the use of academic tradition with contemporary urban realism, French’s work occupies the fine line between beautiful and unsettling. Technically light, classical charcoal drawings combine with loose and unfinished abstract forms creating a great sense of movement.

Tom French focuses on the reflection of the conscious and subconscious mind through his use of charcoal enhanced with acrylic, ink and spray paint elements. Favouring a monochromatic approach he creates images that are powerful and raw with timeless lure.


Shrouded perceptions